“Andrew Coyne: If the Duffy affair was no big deal, why all the effort to hide it?” (The National Post)

Online comment by Toronto Sun Parliamentary Bureau Chief David Akin: “Square this, Ted: In our entire history — there is only one Prime Minister who has had to fire his chief of staff as he became the subject of a criminal investigation. And that’s your guy. Sure, Liberals were tried and convicted on the sponsorship scandal. But no one even close to Chrétien got zinged. As for the NDP, there isn’t even a police investigation, only accusations by a parliamentary committee dominated by its political opponents that the party mis-spent funds. Meanwhile, the Harper administration is unique in our history in that some senators (Duffy and Brazeau and maybe Wallin) appointed by a sitting prime minister seeking re-election are facing/will face criminal charges. On top of that: An MP elected as a member of the governing party — Del Mastro — went to jail this summer, the first time in 60 years someone was jailed for crimes committed while they were an MP. A Conservative staffer went to jail — jail! — for crimes committed on behalf of the Conservative Party in 2011. And, of course, the Conservative Party of Canada admitted to breaking the law in 2006 and paid a huge fine. And, to top it off, Harper himself cheated in 2008 by breaking his own fixed-date election law. So: for an independent like me, the party most likely to cheat, break the law, etc. for its own advantage is the one in power. It did so in 2006, 2008 and 2011 — every election in which it won government. You want to defend its record? Fine. But the Conservative Party of Canada’s record for cheating and breaking laws is, right now, unmatched in federal politics. Do voters much care? Probably not.”

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