“Canada election 2015: Trudeau, Mulcair take aim at Harper” (CBC News)

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau addresses a Liberal rally in Ottawa on Sunday. Both Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair took aim at Stephen Harper’s economic policies and promised to do more for the middle class in separate campaign stops on Sunday. (Fred Chartrand/Canadian Press)

Editor’s note: Members of the opposition are usually best advised to target the government, instead of one another, but things don’t always work out that way.

CBC News:

Speaking to supporters in Vancouver, Mulcair touted the NDP’s plans for affordable housing, public transit and early childhood education while criticizing Harper’s record on the economy and the scandals that have marked his Conservative government.

“In this election, only the NDP has the leadership, the experience and the plan to replace Stephen Harper and repair the damage he has done,” Mulcair told the cheering crowd.

The NDP leader also pledged, if elected, to invest in infrastructure, provide tax relief to small businesses and do more for middle-class families.

Mulcair’s remarks echoed some of Trudeau’s, who also talked about the economic hardships facing the middle class in a speech to Liberal party faithful earlier in the day in Ottawa.

Trudeau came down hard on Harper’s economic record while criticizing Mulcair’s plan to raise the national minimum wage — noting that such a move would affect only those who work in federally regulated industries, such as airlines and banks.

The NDP leader is “peddling false hope” to voters, Trudeau said.

“Tom Mulcair’s promise wouldn’t give [other minimum-wage earners] a single, solitary dime,” Trudeau said.

He repeated his pledge to raise taxes on the wealthiest Canadians in order to pay for a tax cut to the middle class.

“We want to build an economy for the middle class,” he told supporters in the riding of West-Nepean.

During a campaign stop in that same riding earlier Sunday, Harper vowed to introduce legislation that would ban travel to parts of the world under the control of extremist groups in an effort to curb the threat of homegrown terrorism.

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