National: NDP 34% | CPC 28% | LPC 27% | BQ 6% | GPC 4% (Forum Research)


NDP slips slightly, Liberals increase: “These findings stand in contrast to last week, immediately after the election was called, when as many as 4-in-10 were prepared to vote NDP (39%) and just one quarter were voting Liberal (25%). The Conservative vote has not changed since then (August 2 – 28%).”

NDP lead in BC, Quebec, tied in Ontario: “The three main parties are at parity in battleground Ontario (NDP – 33%, Conservatives and Liberals – 31% each), while the NDP leads in Quebec (37%), outstripping the Liberals (22%) and the Bloc (21%). In the Liberal fortress of Atlantic Canada, the Liberals lead (41%), while the NDP (28%) and the Conservatives (25%) are tied, while in the prairies, the Conservatives lead (43%) and the Liberals (27%) and NDP (26%) are tied for second. In Alberta, the Conservatives are dominant (44%), and the NDP are a distant second (32%). In BC, the NDP lead (38%) and the Conservatives (27%) and Liberals (29%) are tied in second.”

3-in-10 past Liberals will vote NDP: “Three-in-ten voters who picked the Liberals in 2011 will vote for the NDP this time (30%), while one fifth of past NDP voters will opt for the Liberals (19%). About one tenth of past Conservatives will vote either Liberal (12%) or NDP (11%).”

New Democrats least committed voters: “While 7-in-10 Conservative voters are strong supporters of their party (70%), and 6-in-10 Liberals are as well (61%), just more than one half of New Democrats are strong supporters (54%).”

Mulcair preferred as best PM: “Tom Mulcair has a slight as the best Prime Minister (28%), compared to one quarter for Stephen Harper (25%) and just fewer for Justin Trudeau (23%); Harper is seen to be best for foreign affairs, security; Mulcair for environment, both for economy.”

Harper best for foreign affairs, security; Mulcair for environment; both for economy: “Stephen Harper is tied with Tom Mulcair (30% to 29%) for who could handle the economy best, and Justin Trudeau lags slightly (26%). Harper is clearly preferred for national security (35%) to Mulcair (26%) or Trudeau (21%), and he is also preferred for foreign affairs (31%), while Mulcair (26%) and Trudeau are tied (27%). Tom Mulcair is clearly seen to be the best for handling the environment (36%), trailed by Trudeau (25%) and, distantly, by Harper (15%).”

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