“Harper pledges to crack down on homegrown terror” (The Toronto Star)

Stephen Harper makes a campaign stop in Ottawa on Sunday, August 9, 2015.

Jordan Press (The Canadian Press):

Canadians have no right to travel to regions of the world controlled by terrorist groups, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper said Sunday as he pledged a broader legal crackdown on what he called “terror tourism.”

The policy promise, made during a campaign stop in Ottawa, would expand federal laws that make it a crime for Canadians to head overseas to fight alongside any group officially identified by the federal government as a terrorist organization.

“There is absolutely no right in this country to travel to an area under the governance of terrorists. That is not a human right,” Harper said.

“We’re not under any illusion here what just about everybody going to an area like that is doing. That’s the reason to pursue this particular policy that’s been used in other countries.”

In a phone interview with the Star later Sunday, campaign spokesperson Stephen Lecce said the Conservative Party has a record of keeping the country safe but declined to explain why it did not introduce the proposed legislation before the election began.

The Conservatives, he said, had introduced “successive pieces of legislation to counter the violent threat of terrorism to this country.”

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