“How a recession would shake up the election campaign” (CBC News)

Rosemary Barton (CBC News):

Economic downsizing would undermine Tory claims of fiscal responsibility, but could bite other parties, too.

It was almost as though they had co-ordinated it.

In the same room, on the same day, Conservative and Liberal candidates lined up to attack the NDP’s spending promises to date.

Conservatives said that after one year, an NDP government would blast an $8-billion hole in the budget. Liberals painted an even scarier picture: a $28-billion hole over four years. Where is the money coming to pay for all the NDP promises? How will the party get to a balanced budget and not raise taxes?

All valid, worthwhile questions for the NDP and ones that will be asked time and again until they present a platform that has been fully costed, which they promise to deliver in the weeks ahead.

But perhaps the most interesting part of this equation: Why is it happening now?

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