August 2015

“Poll Tracker: Are the Conservatives headed for 3rd?” (CBC News)

Éric Grenier (for CBC News) Recent polls suggest that the Conservatives may be in the midst of a slide in public support. The party is averaging 28.3 per cent in the CBC Poll Tracker, marking…

“Election 2015: One-third of Canadians say they’re ‘falling behind’, embrace Mulcair 2:1 over Harper, Trudeau” (Angus Reid Institute)

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“EKOS poll: Duffy trial awakens slumbering electorate” (iPolitics)

Frank Graves (iPolitics): “Voters are awakening from their summer slumber and noticing that they have been asked to follow what is going to be a very divisive and acrimonious campaign. At 34 points, the NDP…