“Proposed travel ban ‘window-dressing,’ says mother of man killed fighting for ISIS”

Chris Boudreau, whose son, Damian Clairmont, was killed while fighting with Islamic extremists in Syria, says Stephen Harper is looking for a “quick fix” to deal with terrorism instead of addressing the root cause of radicalized youth. (Chris Boudreau)

Bill Graveland (The Canadian Press):

“‘Anybody can pick up and travel and book a flight to anywhere, and if you really want to go badly enough, you can book your flight to Europe and then from there book yourself into somewhere else,’ Chris Boudreau of Calgary said in an interview with The Canadian Press.”

“It’s window dressing. It’s not realistic.”

“Boudreau’s son, Damian Clairmont, converted to Islam as a teen and died in heavy fighting in the city of Aleppo in 2014 as a member of the militant group ISIS, which is also known as ISIL or the Islamic State.”

“‘It’s desperation for a political platform to demonstrate that he’s taking a harsh stance, but he’s taking a harsh stance on symptoms rather than dealing with the root problem. It looks like an easy fix on the surface and the root problem takes a lot more work and effort,’ Boudreau said.”

“He should be looking more towards the intervention, prevention side, and providing the resources on the front end before the kids go down this path.”

“I believe Harper is overblowing the sense of fear and it’s causing a lot more fear in the public than there needs to be.”

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