“Surveying the nation: A snapshot of what Canada thinks”

The Peace Tower is seen on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Tuesday, November 5, 2013. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Editor’s note: According to these polls, most supporters of opposition parties think Canada is in a recession, while Conservative partisans aren’t sure. Most Quebecers want to abolish the Senate, while most other Canadians prefer reform the upper chamber. More Quebecers and Canadians support, rather than oppose, the Clarity Act. Everyone agrees climate change is real and made-made.


The majority of Canadians—and even Conservative supporters—believe humans are the cause of climate change.

Two-thirds of Canadians believe that human activity is causing global climate change. Whether one believes it’s a major threat to Canada or not, however, could depend on which party they vote for.

The majority of Conservative supporters—53 per cent of them—said they believe humans are causing climate change, though fewer than half (47 per cent) said climate change is a major threat to Canada. In staunch opposition, 40 per cent of Conservative supporters countered that climate change isn’t a threat to Canada—twice as high as the national average. ‘The Conservatives are definitely the anomaly in their level of belief.’

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