“Thomas Mulcair makes his case for boosting corporate tax rate” (The Toronto Star)

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, right, says the increased corporate tax rate under an NDP government would still be “far below the average that the Conservatives had for the 10 years they’ve been in power.”

(The Toronto Star):

“What we are saying is this: that we have lowered (the corporate tax rate) so much, to the tune of about $50 billion, that we have removed the capacity of the state to do a lot of the things that we want to do in the interest of the public,” Mulcair said Tuesday morning at a campaign event at a park on Mount Royal in Montreal.

“So, when we talk about quality child care at maximum $15 a day — 1 million places across Canada — part of that money is going to come from a slight and graduated increase in the tax rate for Canada’s largest corporations,” said Mulcair.

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