“At Issue: Election Kick-Off” (CBC News – The National)

Chantal Hébert, on Stephen Harper’s campaign launch:

I don’t think that I have seen a sitting prime minister do a Québec campaign launch in a room that is so modest.

Bruce Anderson, on Stephen Harper’s campaign launch:

Well, I thought it was kind of a somber launch for an election campaign. This is a government that has spent the last several years talking up its economic record and obviously thought that it was going to be heading into this writ period with good economic growth, balanced budgets or surplus, and kind of economic wind in their sails. And, instead, you had the spectacle of a prime minister really saying: ‘Look, the economy’s okay. We think it’s better than some people think. It’s not as good as it possibly could be, but it would be worse under those other folks. Not a terribly strong rallying cry, I think, to start things off.

Chantal Hébert, on Justin Trudeau’s campaign launch:

I thought Justin Trudeau looked positively liberated by the election call, as if, finally, he is going to be doing this battle. He looked happy to be in the campaign, and I thought he got out of the gate fairly well and did okay by being in Vancouver.

Chantal Hébert, on Tom Mulcair’s campaign launch:

I thought that Thomas Mulcair, who as you know can be a really great performer, looked a bit like he was in a straight jacket during his own opening press conference. A statement, no questions… He didn’t look as comfortable as Justin Trudeau, and that tells me that the battle for the opposition alternative is far from over.

Chantal Hébert, on who ‘won’ the day:

For sure, I think Justin Trudeau achieved more of his goals than Thomas Mulcair or Stephen Harper.

Bruce Anderson, on who ‘won’ the day:

If you asked, ‘Which of the three party leaders would be going home tonight saying, “I don’t need to do much differently,”‘ it would be Justin Trudeau. The other two might stop and think about whether or not they launched as well as they could.