“Voters ‘frustrated’ with digital wall on Elections Canada website” (CBC News)

Some voters have encountered issues on Election Canada’s website when trying to confirm if they are registered to vote in the fall federal election. (CBC)

CBC News:

Allison McCulloch, a professor of political science at Brandon University, said she and her husband have made several attempts online and over the phone to find out if they are registered to vote. Typically, it’s as simple as plugging your postal code in on Elections Canada’s website.

“I’ve put [my postal code] in 10 times … made several phone calls and I still don’t know,” said McCulloch. “Who knows. I still could actually be properly registered — I can’t even get that information.” (…)

McCulloch said she was led to a page on the site that said Elections Canada could not confirm whether she was eligible to vote. The website offered a phone number, but it also didn’t help answer her questions. (…)

She worries that if she — as a professor of politics — can’t figure out the system, she can only imagine how frustrated the issue could be to elderly voters or Canadians who don’t have command of French or English, the official languages.

“These kind of repeated attempts to find out this information would leave most people incredibly frustrated and disenchanted with the election process,” said McCulloch.

John Enright, a spokesman with Elections Canada, said the agency had prepared to get things up and running next month, but the election was called several weeks sooner than anticipated.

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