“Balanced budgets historically left-wing territory” (The Winnipeg Free Press)

Tommy Douglas never ran a deficit during his 17 years as premier of Saskatchewan and routinely dedicated 10 per cent of government revenues to paying down the provincial government's debt. (CHRIS SCHWARZ / THE CANADIAN PRESS FILES)
David McGrane (The Winnipeg Free Press):

Since Justin Trudeau announced his plan to run deficits of up to $10 billion over the next three years to pay for infrastructure spending, the media have been reporting that the Liberals are now running to the “left” of the NDP. These same media outlets insist that Tom Mulcair and the NDP have taken a turn to the “right” because they are promising to bring in balanced budgets if they form government.

Yet, there is nothing inherently “left-wing” about running deficits and increasing public debt. In fact, fiscal responsibility has been a hallmark of social democracy since its inception. […]

Far from moving to the right, the social democratic logic of the NDP’s plan is impeccable.

Balancing the budget means less money goes to rich international investors in the form of debt charges and more money goes towards government programs that redistribute wealth and make Canada a more equal society.

A government that increases taxes on corporations and scraps tax cuts for the rich to pay for new social programs to help the vulnerable while avoiding paying interest charges to foreign capitalists to finance its deficit and debt — that sounds pretty left-wing to me.