“Bill Nye Calls Alberta Oilsands ‘Depressive'” (The Huffington Post Alberta)

TOKYO, JAPAN - AUGUST 06: Scientist/educator Bill Nye attends "The Science Guy: Science Can Save The World!" at National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation on August 6, 2015 in Tokyo, Japan. (Photo by Jun Sato/Getty Images)

(The Huffington Post Alberta):

Bill Nye (yes, The Science Guy) went on an aerial tour of the Alberta oilsands, and has nothing good to say about what he saw.

In an interview with APTN’s Brandi Morin, the television show host described the experience as “depressive.”

According to APTN, Nye took an aerial tour of mining areas in northern Alberta as part of a climate change documentary he is working on, called “Bill Nye’s Global Meltdown.”

“Producing all this oil that’s producing all this carbon dioxide, that’s not good from a global stand point,” he said.

“And from an environmental point of view locally, it’s astonishing and overwhelming.”

Nye also paid a visit to the Fort McKay First Nation Monday, to speak with the community about their relationship with the energy industry.

“I think anybody would say that First Nations have rights that have been abridged or catastrophically curtailed,” Nye told APTN.

He pointed to the upcoming federal election, saying the future of the environment will be in the hands of whoever Canada elects as its next leader.

“Everybody says they feel like the tipping point’s been reached. Everyone we speak with, where enough is enough kind of thing. But then you have people that are in denial of climate change, who justify all of this extraordinary exploitation to the environment,” he said. “It’s amazing the scale of it, is just very hard to believe and very troubling.”

Nye has long been vocal about the need for climate change discourse. In an interview with VICE last year, he spoke about the influence of the energy industry on the Canadian government.

“[Prime Minister] Stephen Harper is a controversial guy in the science community because [of] the policies, especially in Western Canada, with regard to the production— that’s the verb they use, “producing,” but you’re taking old earth and burning it — of tar sands, oil shale… Is there tar shale? Is there sand goo? Whatever,” he said.

Nye is the lastest in a list of celebrities to visit the oilsands. In recent years, Leonardo DiCaprio, Neil Young and Desmond Tutu have all voiced their concerns about Canada’s fossil fuel industry.

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Nye visited the community of Fort McKay First Nation Monday. Fort McKay is encamped by tar sands activity and has suffered the consequences of environmental damages over the many decades since the tar sands were discovered in their traditional territories. (APTN)