“EDITORIAL: Elizabeth May valuable in watchdog role” (The Chronicle Herald)

The Chronicle Herald:

She has a shoestring budget, flies commercial as her “campaign plane” and can’t get two of the big party leaders to debate her on TV.

Nevertheless, the marathon federal election campaign has taken a fairly rosy turn for Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who has a good chance of making progress on the party’s goal of growing to 12 seats. The party had two MPs, Ms. May and former New Democrat Bruce Hyer, before dissolution, and a Quebec NDP member elected in 2011, Jose Nunez-Melo, switched to the Greens after the election call.

The latest polls have the NDP, Conservatives and Liberals all bunched up like bananas again — with each just above or below 30 per cent of voter support and no one sprinting from the pack. It looks like a minority government, and, if so, voters may want to give the feisty Green leader a few more colleagues in a Parliament where government actually can be forced to compromise and be held to account.

The Greens have good growth prospects in the seven ridings of Vancouver Island, where they are polling at 32 per cent. And on policy, Tuesday’s economic statistics, showing Canada is in a mild but uneven recession, lend credence to Ms. May’s green version of a timely stimulus.