“Half don’t think Justin is ready” (Forum Research)

Justin Trudeau, MP by Alex Guibord

Forum Research:

In a random sampling of public opinion taken by the Forum Poll™ among 1384 Canadian voters, just less than one half (47%) claim Justin Trudeau is not ready to be Prime Minister, while 4-in-10 think he is (39%). One sixth don’t know (14%). Agreeing Justin is ready for the big job is characteristic of the youngest (44%), the wealthy ($80K to $100K – 45%, $100K to $250K – 42%), in Atlantic Canada (47%), Ontario (46%) and the prairies (42%). One tenth of Conservative voters acknowledge he’s ready for the show (11%), while one third of NDP voters do as well (35%). Just more than a tenth of Liberal voters think their leader is not ready (13%) or don’t know if he is (11%).


Just less than half the voters in Canada think Tom Mulcair is ready for the top job (47%) and this is characteristic of the wealthy ($80K to $100K – 53%, $100K to $250K – 55%) and in Quebec (55%). One fifth of Conservative voters agree he’s ready (18%), as do 4-in-10 Liberal voters (40%). Fewer than one tenth of his own voters doubt him (7%) or don’t know (10%).


Close to 7-in-10 voters say Prime Minister Stephen Harper has had the job too long (68%) and this is common to the least wealthy (74%), in Atlantic Canada (82%) but not so much in Alberta (49%). One tenth of Conservative voters think their leader has been in the job too long (13%), while agreement with this is almost universal among Liberals (88%) and New Democrats (90%).


 “It appears that the relentless onslaught of one-message TV ads has had its desired effect. Despite serving eight years in parliament, as his party’s critic for citizenship and immigration, and post-secondary education, and being leader for more than 2 years, Justin Trudeau is branded as “not being ready”. The upside to this positioning is it creates low expectations,” said Forum Research President, Dr. Lorne Bozinoff.

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