“Justin Trudeau vows new Health Accord, improved home care” (CBC News)

CBC News:

A Liberal government would negotiate a new Health Accord with the provinces and territories that includes long-term funding for improved home care for an aging population, party leader Justin Trudeau said Wednesday.

The country’s previous $41-billion, 10-year Canada Health Accord expired in March 2014 and was not renewed by the Conservative government, prompting an outcry from groups representing health-care providers and patients, who argued that the health care needs of some provinces would be deeply under-funded in the absence of an agreement.

As part of a renewed focus on improving the Canadian healthcare system, Trudeau said, the Liberals would immediately invest $3 billion over the next four years to provide additional and improved health care services for the nearly two million people currently receiving care at home.

A Grit government would place significant emphasis on the construction of new affordable housing for seniors and seniors’ facilities, including long-term care facilities.

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