“Undecided voters giving Trudeau a look” (The Toronto Star)

 (The Toronto Star):

They packed into a hotel ballroom, and spilled out into the hallway, crowding to hear Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speak.

Among the 1,400 people at this evening rally are long-time partisans who have been with the party through thick and thin. They fire up the leader with a chant rarely heard in these parts — “Trudeau, Trudeau, Trudeau.”

But like so like many of the Liberal events in this campaign, a good many in the crowd are simply curious — and undecided.

To win, the Liberals will have to win over voters who oppose another Conservative government but aren’t decided whether the Liberals or New Democrats are the best choice to replace them.

That the Liberals are competitive in this election is no small thing for a party that lost seats in the 2006, 2008 and 2011 elections, knocking them down to a humbling third place standing in the Commons.

Yet six weeks into this marathon election, Trudeau is running neck-and-neck with rivals Conservative Leader Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair, even leading, according to some polls.

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