“Will British Columbia decide the election’s outcome?” (CBC News)

Éric Grenier (CBC News):

Last votes to be counted on the night of Oct. 19 could be decisive

It is often said that federal elections are decided before many British Columbians even vote. But with the polls suggesting a close three-way race countrywide, Canadians may have to wait until the ballots are counted on the West Coast late on election night before knowing which party will form the next government.

In 10 of the last 12 elections going back to 1974, the winning party had enough seats to form a government without needing a single MP from British Columbia.

Polling stations in British Columbia and Yukon will be open later than anywhere else on Oct. 19. But factoring in the time required to count votes from earlier regions, the 30 minutes their voting booths remain open is unlikely to be long enough to have a good idea of who is going to win the election before casting a ballot.

But Canadians may have to wait until B.C. ballots are counted before learning who will win.

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