“Nanos tracking: Conservatives, Liberals gripped in tie for first, NDP trails” (CTV News)

CTV News:

The latest nightly tracking by Nanos Research for CTV News and The Globe and Mail suggests a two-party race has emerged at this point in the federal election. The Liberals and Conservatives appear locked in a tie with the NDP trailing several points behind.

Voters were asked: “If a federal election were held today, please rank your top two current local voting preferences?” The latest numbers show:

  • 32.8 per cent would choose the Conservatives
  • 31.7 per cent the Liberals
  • 26.1 per cent would choose the NDP


Voters were then asked a series of questions about whether they would consider or not consider voting for each of the federal parties, to determine each party’s proportion of accessible voters.

That polling found 49.6 per cent of Canadians would consider voting Liberal, 45.1 per cent would consider voting NDP, 41.8 per cent would consider voting Conservative, 25.2 per cent would consider voting Green and 29.1 per cent of Quebecers would consider voting for the BQ.


Full results at Nanos Research

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