“Canada’s tolerant, liberal society is Islamic State’s worst nightmare” (The Globe and Mail)

Globe Editorial:

“When a member of Islamic State wakes up screaming in the night, terrified by a nightmare, it’s not images of beheadings or rape or mass slaughter that bedevil him. No, his personal hell is Canada – a pluralistic, tolerant Western society where Muslims and people of all faiths and none are welcomed and live together in peace.”

“Since the Paris attacks, Canada has seen incidents that undermine those values. […] One imagines that the people committing these vile acts of intolerance see themselves, perversely, as patriots. In fact, they are the unwitting dupes of IS, acting according to its script. Racist attacks that marginalize Muslims become the propaganda that IS uses to advance its idea that the world is one big, global religious war.”

“Fortunately, [t]here are far more good and decent people in Canada than hateful ones [and] Canadians have repeatedly rejected politically motivated efforts to marginalize newcomers, especially Muslims.”

“In a world where a small number of marginalized French citizens of Muslim descent were recruited to carry out attacks in Paris, Canada’s best defences against radicalization are its inherent decency, its generosity and its acceptance of all cultures. Our values, and our expression of them, have never been more important than now.”

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