About the CMR

The Canadian Media Review (CMR) is committed to informing Canadians, as active, progressive citizens of one of the world’s great democracies, of current news affecting them.

CMR’s website is a central point of access for the very latest and most interesting political news and important developments, with relevant commentary and analysis.

CMR provides a careful daily curation of content searched from the websites of publishers from across Canada and beyond. It is a consciously focused news aggregator for progressive Canadians from all walks of life, and a resource designed for Canadians who find they simply don’t have time to sort through the abundant news content available to them in the larger media landscape. CMR supplies an online destination for the most essential coverage of politics in Ottawa and the provinces so busy Canadians can brief themselves on what they “need to  know.” It is the Cliff Notes version of “what’s going on” in Canadian politics, from a progressive point of view.

Canadians often say they do not have time to read the news. With so many different news sources available, it is impossible to navigate all the content and  stay fully informed.  CMR gets you to the bottom line, most important, most salient stories.  Aggregation consolidates the latest news from diverse websites into one page. Aggregators like CMR create a unique information space or a “personal newspaper” for progressive Canadians.

CMR supplements automatically-aggregated stories with manually curated headlines and occasional, carefully timed and crafted analysis and commentary. The overall mission to is make it easier for Canadians to understand the issues in our ongoing national conversation so they can join it as  informed participants and feel confident in their choices, particularly at the ballot box. By giving Canadian progressives one-stop access to get the news they need, CMR will raise the level of discourse and civic engagement in Canada.