“Stephen Harper facing countrywide pressure to take immediate action to admit more Syrian refugees” (The National Post)

Sarah Boesveld (The National Post): Prime Minister Stephen Harper faces a rising tide of political pressure to admit more Syrian refugees into the country immediately, with even a prominent critic of the massive 1979 airlift…

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“Canadians want a new PM, poll suggests” (The Globe and Mail)

Daniel Leblanc (The Globe and Mail): The NDP is still leading the country in popular support, but the party’s high numbers in Quebec overshadow the fact it is losing momentum to the Liberal Party in…

“Nenshi calls Ottawa’s response to Syrian refugee crisis ‘disgraceful'” (The Calgary Herald)

Reid Southwick (The Calgary Herald): Mayor Naheed Nenshi blasted the federal Conservative government Thursday for its handling of the Syrian refugee crisis, which has been symbolized in the media around the world by the image of…

“The nerd who came from nowhere: Stephen Harper knows you don’t need to like a politician to elect him” (The National Post)

Tristin Hopper (The National Post): Behind closed doors, Canada’s 22nd prime minister can swear like a “longshoreman,” is known to greet unwelcome news with “volcanic” outbursts of fury and has an uncanny talent for pitch-perfect impersonations….