National Unity

“Gilles Duceppe launches attack on NDP, Conservatives in Quebec” (CBC News)

Katharine Starr and Nicolle Arams (CBC News): Bloc Québécois Leader Gilles Duceppe is open to supporting a coalition with either the NDP or Liberals, but there’s one party he refuses to consider aligning with, should October’s election result in a…

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“Trudeau reaches out to premiers” (The Toronto Star)

Robert Benzie (The Toronto Star): Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is trying to put federal-provincial relations on the front-burner of the election campaign. The day after the Star launched its Can We Talk? series to highlight important…

“Mood of the electorate worsens as perceptions about the economy deteriorate” (Abacus Data)

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“Why does Trudeau play the sovereignty card?” (The Globe and Mail)

Antonia Maioni (The Globe and Mail): As we entered into this election campaign, the main issues of contention seemed to be stability, security and the Senate. And yet sovereignty may also play a role, and…