Sherbrooke Declaration

“Mood of the electorate worsens as perceptions about the economy deteriorate” (Abacus Data)

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“Why does Trudeau play the sovereignty card?” (The Globe and Mail)

Antonia Maioni (The Globe and Mail): As we entered into this election campaign, the main issues of contention seemed to be stability, security and the Senate. And yet sovereignty may also play a role, and…

Notes on the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate

Opinion/Analysis: Olivier Jarvis Lavoie [11:40 PM EST on August 6, 2015] Prime Minister Stephen Harper generally held his own. Anyone at all disposed to buy what he sells probably came away satisfied with his performance,…

Maclean’s National Leaders Debate

Streamed live on Aug 6, 2015   Watch a full video replay from the Maclean’s National Leaders Debate, broadcast Thursday, August 6 from 8 to 10 pm ET. Maclean’s political editor Paul Wells moderated as…