CMR Rules

Our goal is to inform people. We want intelligent discussion that benefits all readers.

The goal of any discussion is to elevate participants’ knowledge. This isn’t a forum to mindlessly push pre-conceived partisan opinion. Do that elsewhere. This is for thoughtful, informed, educated, open-minded dialogue. Having a pre-existing bias is inevitable, but don’t spam us with propaganda.

1. Follow the rules when commenting, or don’t comment at all. Otherwise, you’ll be banned from commenting.

2. Here are the ground rules:

A) We value good writing. Write in full sentences, unless it’s obviously unnecessary to make your whole point clear. Respect our readers enough to put some thought into what you’re writing.

B) Carefully written comments will stay up: proper capitalization, punctuation, syntax and grammar MATTER to intelligent discourse. Sloppy, ill-conceived, quickly-written hit-pieces will be deleted. Do it often enough, and you’ll be banned from commenting.

C) No propaganda. If it’s obvious that something you’ve posted has simply been copied and pasted from elsewhere, it’s gone, and if you do it again, so are your commenting privileges.

D) Respect others: no personal attacks, no insults, no vulgarity, no indecent content of any kind. Controversial and provocative statements must be thoughtfully, carefully and intelligently expressed, or they will be considered offensive.

Taking part in discussions on this website is a privilege you are enjoying with other intelligent, well-informed people. You’re welcome to it, all day and all night long, on the condition that you respect these rules.

We can all learn from each other. Let that be the spirit that guides us.